Welcome to My School

GBPS Momanpur House of Quality Education

Welcome to my school .This is Government Boys Primary School Momanpur.It is one of the best school in the region .The environment of our school is very child friendly.There is a room of playing .Where children can play and learn .It has a beautiful building .We do our best to teach the children and provide them quality education on their door step


We provide the quality Education 

Our goal is to educate the children on their door step .We focus on activity based learning which is the best approach for concrete learning of children .It also develop their interest in their studies .As you can see our picture gallery that how we teach them .Please have a visit to our school and see how we are providing them quality educatio

We work on both Body & Mind

We are also focusing on extra curricular activities .We not only care about minds but we also care about bodies .We arrange such activities for children that they learn discipline and exercise as well .

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